Doctor Who: Twelve Doctors of Christmas

This is a perfect book for Doctor Who fans who love Christmas !
This year I wasn’t feeling the Christmas spirit very much so I wasn’t sure about whether to read these stories… but I’m very happy I did read them, as most of them left me with a smile and that warm fuzzy feeling of joy you’re expecting around this time of year.

So as you may have guessed, each one of the twelve Doctors gets his own Christmas story, some with their companions – you will even find some companions in unexpected places – others meeting new characters. Everything is in the spirit of the tv show and of the Christmas specials.
I have only watched the newer version of the show, from 2005, so I’m probably missing quite a few references in the stories, but I did recognize a lot of characters, and some of the story lines of the show are reused or continued in the book. I found all the stories enjoyable even those with unfamiliar characters to me, so don’t skip Doctors you don’t know, or at least come back to them later. If you love the show, I’m sure you will enjoy reading this book !

If you’ve never seen the show… well, if you love Christmas time stories and aliens, you can give it a try ! These are little tales, so don’t expect to get to know the characters in depth, because if you do, you will be disappointed.

On a side note, it’s a very beautiful edition, the cover is gorgeous, and each story has an illustrated panel done by a different illustrator, so it makes a beautiful gift ! This book will probably be mostly enjoyed around Christmas and in the winter time… so, keep it in mind for next year maybe? Unless you have a Christmas blues before that !

See review on Goodreads.


Where to find the book? I bought it at Waterstones, so don’t hesitate to call them, or your local bookshop to ask if they have a copy ! If you prefer online shopping, you can find it at and for Brittish people, you can find all the informations on the Penguin Random House website.


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